Sunday, October 31, 2010

Pot & Holder: Will the Federal Government Force the Failure of a "Legalization Experiment?"

The state of California will soon be voting on whether or not to have the nation's most lenient pot laws, via Proposition 19. Among other things, the Proposition is intended to legalize the growing and smoking of certain amounts of marijuana. The substance would still be regulated, as activities like driving while high and smoking in public places would be prohibited. It also does not legalize the distribution of pot, but rather allows for local governments to do so. Fact sheet available here.

Supporters' talking points include increased tax revenue and, as San Jose Police Chief Joseph Macnamara believes, a decrease in crime that would in turn allow for a productive reassignment of many law enforcement resources. Critics' talking points include that P19 is poorly written and will lower the quality of pot, as well as that it will constrict employer regulations of pot use, unintentionally allow people to drive or operate heavy machinery while high, and be ineffective at allowing the collection of taxes on Miss Mary. Interestingly, someone says an undercover agent told him/her that Mexico's drug cartels hope Prop. 19 is voted down because they fear they would otherwise lose half their revenue.

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Saturday, October 23, 2010

A-Rod Sucks! and other musings

On Friday, the New York Yankees lost to the Texas Rangers and hence lost the entire American League Championship Series, their last round before the World Series, or championship series. The last Yankee to be called out?  A-@#$%&^! ROD!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, October 11, 2010

The Link-Up Issue 1: The Mid-East Peace Talks

With this post, I am trying out a new idea. I take an issue in the news that interests me and present a number of links, behind which are interesting perspectives or ideas about the issue that are not commonly seen in American media. Let me know what you think.

Please note that I want to update this blog with some reader-submitted links, anecdotes and perspectives. If you do not want what you say posted under "Reader Contributions," please write this in your comment.

This issue of the Link-Up focuses on the Mid-East peace talks. Please note that I am not taking sides, as I don't think either side is entirely in the right. However, I do realize, now that I am about to post this and go to bed, that I did not adequately represent the views of Israelis or even those of Palestinians living overseas or in the West Bank. If you have a link to contribute, please leave it in the comments section and if I think it provides a fresh perspective, I will add it to this post. Obviously, your opinions are also welcomed. Anyway, some background I find interesting below, but first you might want to glance at this map to see the relative positions of Israel, the Gaza Strip and the West Bank: