Monday, May 2, 2011

Death, celebrated

It is the strangest thing, this campus. Full of hippies, hipsters, fogies, and nerds all trying to be correct and sensitive, all celebrating the end of a life. I am not sure how to feel, balancing victory with respect for death, and it is that balancing that keeps the line of my mouth straight...mostly straight.

I walked through the commons last night - everyone standing and talking when most sit and stare at computers. Is this what it takes for us to be social?

I want to mention that he was living in a mansion two hours from a capital and close to a military academy. I'd like to discuss the appearance that the house was too secure and the activities too furtive for someone to have not had an idea. Maybe it matters that Obama made this a priority and maybe - just maybe - it matters that someone was killed as a shield.

From there, I could write about leadership flaws, partisanship, even problems with international relations, practical and academic. But I really just want to express my confusion. It was a moral victory, a vindication, closure (maybe) and a show of dominance and victory. But bin Laden didn't really matter that much anymore and people are celebrating his death like it's the end of the wars rather than just being death. But maybe the moral victory is significant enough and maybe the symbolism is great enough. Beyond it all, though, remains a simple truth, that death, celebrated, is unnervingly strange.

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